Schools urged to sign up for 2018 ‘Kids Walk’

12.24 | 12 February 2018 |

Brake is encouraging schools to register for its annual ‘Kids Walk’, organised to promote road safety and the health benefits of walking.

Previously known as Brake’s Giant Walk, the 2018 event takes place on 13 June and aims to educate children about the potential dangers they face on their journey to school.

Thousands of children aged 4-11 years are once again expected to take part in the event, which is sponsored by Co-op insurance.

The centerpiece of the day is a supervised walk, which usually takes place at or around school. Brake suggests that children walk in a crocodile formation, holding hands, to ‘promote the importance of being able to walk without fear or threat from traffic’.

Brake is urging schools to use Kids Walk as a focal point for lessons about road safety and is providing resources, advice and guidance to help teachers plan lessons around their school’s walk.

The road safety charity is also focussing on the number ‘5’, saying that five factors – footpaths, cycle paths, safe places to cross, slow traffic and clean traffic – are key to stopping the five children being killed or injured on roads each day.

For more information, contact Brake via email or on 01484 550061.


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