‘Shocking’ number of pupils currently cycle to school

07.52 | 28 September 2021 | |

Figures published by Sustrans to mark this year’s Bike to School Week suggest that there are many UK children who don’t cycle to school, but wish they could.

A YouGov survey of 1,305 children, aged 6-15 years, found that while just 2% of respondents actually travel by bike, 14% would like to.

The survey also highlights that 2% of respondents currently scoot to school – but 10% would like to.

More than half (57%) describe the environment around their school as having too many cars, while 49% said they are worried about air pollution near their school.

The figures have been released at the start of Bike to School Week (27 September – 1 October), which is run annually by Sustrans and the Bikeability Trust to promote the benefits of walking, cycling and scooting to and from school.

Families can make a pledge to cycle or scoot to school during Bike to School Week, while teachers can also access free curriculum-based resources provided for schools.

Sustrans and the Bikeability Trust are calling on local authorities to make walking, cycling and scooting the ‘easiest and most attractive option’ for children and families travelling to and from school.

This includes through the implementation of School Streets, where roads outside schools are open to people walking, cycling and scooting and closed to motor traffic at drop off and pick up times.

Xavier Brice, Sustrans chief executive, said: “We must make it easier, safer and more enjoyable for children to walk, cycle, or scoot to school. Not only does it improve their health and wellbeing, but it also helps them build connections with others and fosters a sense of community. 

“This will reduce air pollution and carbon emissions, further benefiting children’s health and the environment in which they live.”



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