‘SLOW’ system for tailgaters

12.44 | 21 April 2009 |

A Buckinghamshire man concerned about road safety is developing a device to encourage drivers to slow down and avoid tailgating.

Tom Bartlett says: “I’m convinced that most people do not intend to exceed the speed limit – they just fail to take heed of signs and are often thinking of other things when they are driving.

”I’m particularly irked by ‘tailgaters’, who always seem to think that the car ahead is slowing them down. These impatient drivers usually exceed the speed limit when they overtake the car they have been tailgating.”

Mr Bartlett’s device is a switch or lever operated by the driver, which raises a speed limit sign in the car’s back window – either resting on the platform below the back windscreen, or suspended from the rear ceiling of the car.

He’s calling this system ‘SLOW: Speed Limits on Windows’.

“I’m seeking feedback and advice on this system, and suggestions as to whether or not it is feasible, legal and marketable,” Mr Bartlett adds.

Tom Bartlett can be contacted on 07969 107652 or by email.


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