Speed awareness DVD will act as ‘aide memoir’

10.06 | 11 February 2010 |

People attending a Speed Awareness Course in Staffordshire will receive a free interactive DVD to act as an ‘aide memoir’, and enable them to pass on what they learn to friends and family.

Staffordshire County Council and Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership are spearheading the initiative in response to the significant number of people who, having attended a course, suggested everyone should have the opportunity to go on a speed awareness course.

The ‘SpeedSense’ DVD has been developed in conjunction with the multimedia company Focus. It aims to cover the topics as prescribed in the national model for speed awareness courses, to enable drivers to recap on their experience and pass on their rediscovered or new found skills to family and friends.

Viewers are taken through the concept of COAST and a variety of useful defensive driving techniques via quizzes, video footage games and a library of useful hints and tips.

For more information visit the SpeedSense website: www.speed-sense.co.uk


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