Stay safe down Lovers’ Lane this Valentine’s Day: IAM

11.19 | 10 February 2011 |

The IAM is urging young men to take special care of their girlfriends this Valentine’s Day, highlighting the fact that more young women aged 17-19 are killed or seriously injured as passengers in cars than as drivers.

Only 5% of licence holders are men under 25, yet they make up 14% of all drivers involved in injury crashes. These crashes are more likely to occur at weekends and on rural roads – something to remember if you’re thinking of a romantic weekend drive in the country, the IAM points out.

Peter Roger, IAM chief examiner, says: “Taking care on unfamiliar roads, especially on bends, and planning ahead to spot hazards early, will make your drive much safer. And if you’re using a satnav on unfamiliar roads don’t follow it blindly, this can lead to unromantic diversions into fields, and sadly, serious crashes.

“Impress her by driving smoothly and well instead of fast, and try sticking to the speed limit. This will save fuel and leave you more money to spend on roses and chocolates.”

While not yet mandatory in the UK, post-test driver training in Austria has shown reductions in young driver fatalities of up to a third. The IAM has recently launched ‘Momentum’, designed for 17-25 year olds who have already passed their test. It consists of an interactive online assessment, and an on-road session with an IAM examiner.

For more information contact the IAM Press Office on 020 8996 9777.


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