Students witness dangers of rural roads

10.13 | 8 May 2009 |

650 students at Lancaster and Morecambe College have been shown the aftermath of a ‘real life’ country road smash.

In the simulation, organised by the Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety, the newly qualified driver was saved by his seatbelt – but his front seat passenger wasn’t so lucky. She broke the front windscreen with her head, suffered massive injuries and died at the scene.

Emergency crews from the police, ambulance and fire and rescue service attended the reconstruction. The aim of the scene – played by student actors on the college’s performance course – was to dispel the myth that rural roads are safer because there is less traffic and fewer pedestrians.

Louise Evans, health and safety manager at the college, said: “We are very realistic about the hazards our students face in day to day life outside college. It is not right to wrap them in cotton wool and we believe our role is to develop their awareness of risk, yet not be risk averse, not only with regard to what they learn in college, but also in their lives in the wider world.”

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