The longest Walking Bus in Wales?

14.02 | 2 August 2010 |

Pupils from Ysgol-y-lawnt in Ryhmney were crowned winners of Caerphilly County Borough’s recent ‘Walking Bus’ competition, with 186 pupils, teachers, support staff, parents, police – and even the local vicar – on board.

As part of national Walk to School Week, hundreds of children from primary schools across Caerphilly took part in the competition to find the longest Walking Bus.

A Walking Bus is an organised group of children who meet at a set point and walk to school together, usually with two or more volunteers, known as ‘drivers’ and ‘conductors’.

Cllr Rob Gough, said: “I am delighted that so many young people have signed up to walk to school across Caerphilly.

“Not only do Walking Buses promote road safety and reduce road congestion, they also help tackle pollution and promote a healthier lifestyle.

“Special congratulations to Ysgol-y-Lawnt for achieving the longest Walking Bus.”

For more information contact Penny Thorpe at Capita Symonds on 01633 463376.


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