TIE production delivers drug drive message

11.02 | 4 December 2009 |

Camden’s road safety team used Road Safety Week to deliver a drug drive message to around 750 pupils aged 14-17 years.
The team co-ordinated a tour of the ‘WASTED’ anti- drug drive production at secondary schools across the borough, between 23-29 November.

The 50-minute performance is a blend of live theatre and documentary footage. Everything is set for a Friday night to remember, but things takes a tragic turn when ‘Andy’ crashes his car en-route to the club. Friendships are tested as the group struggles to deal with the consequences of an ‘accident’ that should never have happened.

Linda Davis, a teacher at South Camden Community School, described Wasted as ‘the best piece of road safety theatre she has seen in her many years hosting road safety at her school’.

For more information contact Belita Clahar on 020 7974 5619.


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