UK drivers support EU cross border enforcement proposals: GEM

12.00 | 1 August 2014 | | 2 comments

GEM Motoring Assist says a survey of its members shows “overwhelming support” for a forthcoming Europe-wide framework to ensure cross border enforcement of traffic laws.

Cross border enforcement will allow law enforcement organisations to pursue traffic offences committed by drivers of vehicles registered in an EU Member State different from the one where their offence was detected.

In the survey of more than 2,000 GEM members, 79% of respondents supported proposals to ensure that foreign drivers should no longer escape unpunished after committing offences that would lead to £100 fines and penalty points for British drivers.

And two-thirds said they believe that cross border enforcement will improve road safety and lead to a reduction in deaths and injuries on Europe’s roads.

David Williams CBE, GEM chief executive, said: “No longer should offenders have the opportunity to drive away from justice. That’s why we welcome the new proposal from the European Commission on cross border enforcement and are calling on the UK Government to support it.

“The new legislation will help protect people when they drive abroad, because they will be using roads with greater compliance, fewer traffic offences and lower risks.”


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    Probably not. Especially with the Spanish for example looking specifically for British offenders.

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    Wonder if they would have got the same result if it was put to them that authorities on the continent would also be able to pursue British drivers for infractions?

    Duncan MacKillop, Stratford on Avon
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