Unique opportunity for child bikers

11.57 | 20 November 2009 | | 2 comments

Children aged 5-11 years are to be given an opportunity to try motorcycling for the first time at an event in Manchester.

‘My First Licence’ is operated by Honda UK and will be supported by RideSafe BackSafe at the Manchester Bike Show at Manchester Central, 9-10 January 2010.

My First Licence provides youngsters with a mocked-up mini road system including road markings, signs and other road furniture, to enable them to experience the fun of riding a restricted 50cc motorcycle in a safe environment. Experienced instructors look after them and safety equipment and clothing are fitted before they start. 

The scheme teaches aspiring young riders the basics of road safety, helps them understand potential dangers and gives them an introduction to machine control. 

Karen Delaney, RideSafe BackSafe communications manager, says: “Honda are keen to promote motorcycling to the next generation but this has so many other benefits.

“My First Licence should inspire parents and for their children it will be an excellent way to start them on the right road in an environment that is very safe, great fun and educational.“

For more information go to: www.bikeshowseurope.com.


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    Further to my previous response. I would take it back if it is followed up with the formation of various off road clubs which would over a period of time teach youngsters the proper way to ride a bike off road and for them to gain a better understanding of bikes and there inherent dangers – and also to give a good competitive situation which youngsters would enjoy.

    bob craven Lancs
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    As my first comments have not been reported here I can only say that someone has there sums wrong. i do not believe that this will in any way improve the riding of the next to the next to be generation of riders.
    However i wish them luck and a promotion to the person who thought up this scheme.

    bob craven [ otherwise known as Judge Dredd} Blackpool
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