US journalist wins Pulitzer Prize for distracted driving series

11.47 | 15 April 2010 |

The Pulitzer Prizes were announced earlier this week and one of the awards went to an American journalist who has written a series of articles on distracted drivers.

Matt Richtel, a journalist with the New York Times, won the National Reporting prize for the series ‘Driven to Distraction’, which documents the dangers of using mobile devices while behind the wheel.

Ellen Booth, campaigns officer for Brake, the road safety charity, said: “Matt Richtel’s work is the kind of positive media coverage that educates the public and can save lives.

“In recent months we’ve seen road safety issues gaining significant coverage in the media, and road safety virals winning global acclaim.

“I take this as a promising signal that people are waking up to the extent of the problem we face.”  

Click here to read the full New York Times report about the Pulitzer Prizes.



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