Webcasts provide guidance on evaluating road safety projects

12.00 | 30 March 2017 |

RoSPA has published a series of webcasts in an effort to provide road safety practitioners with easy to follow advice on how to evaluate road safety projects.

Available to download via the Road Safety Evaluation website, the 11 webcasts offer guidance on each stage of the evaluation process, from designing a road safety intervention to writing the final evaluation report.

Other areas covered by the webcasts include: an introduction to evaluation; planning and carrying out an evaluation; hiring an external evaluator; surveys and question writing; and conducting interviews and focus groups.

There are also a number of handouts summarising key points from the webcasts available to download from the Road Safety Evaluation website.

Rebecca Needham, RoSPA’s research and evaluation officer, said: “The importance of evaluation is widely recognised, as it allows us to determine how effective a programme is, why it is effective or ineffective, and therefore allows us to learn from the successes or failures that have occurred.  

“In times of budgetary constraint, evaluation is particularly important because it can help to inform policy decisions and decide whether a programme is an efficient use of resources and whether funding should continue.”  

For more information contact Rebecca Needham by email.



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