Winter warning for bikers

16.38 | 14 December 2010 |

RideSafe BackSafe has launched the first in a series of winter advice campaigns for bikers in North West England.

The campaign advises bikers to prepare properly for every journey and to adopt a much more cautious mind-set on winter roads.

Posters are being distributed to motorcycle dealerships, larger employers, local authorities and the police.

Karen Delaney, RideSafe BackSafe spokesperson, explains: “Other road users can often just de-mist or de-ice the windscreen, get in and go; but there is a lot more to it for year-round riders. The routine you might follow in pleasant weather is not good enough for winter.

“We are urging bikers to allow more time to dress properly for the conditions – stay warm and dry and be highly visible – regularly check that your bike or scooter is road worthy and ride cautiously. In all but the very worst conditions, it is still possible to get out there on two wheels; but don’t think that Mother Nature owes you a safe ride.”

RideSafe BackSafe will be issuing further poster campaigns over the coming months focusing on the need for other road users to show respect and leave room for motorcyclists.

For more information visit the RideSafe BackSafe website, or contact Mandi Doyle.


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