11-12 February 2019

Behavioural Change Course (two days)
Hosted by Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service • Shrewsbury
This two-day course covers: understanding road user behaviour; behavioural models; behavioural change techniques; behavioural insights; mapping behaviours; and developing interventions using behavioural models and change techniques.
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13 February 2019

RoSPA Road Safety Conference
Organised by RoSPA • Birmingham
Despite Britain having some of the safest roads in the world, every year, thousands of road users are killed or injured – many of whom are classed as vulnerable. This conference looks at emerging issues, national strategies and practical initiatives aimed at individuals and local communities. More

14-15 February 2019

14-15 February 2019 (Part one) & 27-28 March 2019 (Part two)
Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course
Hosted by County Durham & Darlington Fire & Rescue Service • Bowburn, Durham

The Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course aims to provide participants with an overview of the knowledge and skills they need to effectively and safely deliver a road safety educational intervention.
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15 February 2019

Risk Assessment for On-Site Road Safety Activities
Organised by the LRSC • Five Pancras Square, King’s Cross
This course is designed to address the needs of those with responsibility for risk assessing the activities of others on or adjacent to the highway. Typical applications include School Crossing Patrols, Cyclist Training, Walking Buses, Bike Trains and Practical Pedestrian Training. The course also looks at how to apply the same knowledge to the process of risk assessing sites to prioritise different sites.
For more info, or to book, contact: admin@londonroadsafetycouncil.org.uk

25-26 February 2019

Road Safety Policy
Organised by Newcastle University • Newcastle
This course considers UK casualty reduction performance over the last 30 years and explores some of the policy changes and impacts that have taken place in recent years. It considers the global target for casualty reduction by 2020 and the UK’s contribution to that target, together with consideration of what aspects of developing innovation are likely to impact most on continued casualty reduction. More

27 February 2019

Improving Transport Infrastructure Across the North
Organised by Inside Government • Manchester
At this event, Barry White, Chief Executive, Transport for the North (TfN) will outline TfN’s Strategic Transport Plan – explaining how government investment will be utilised to improve the North’s road connectivity in the next 30 years. More

27-28 February 2019

Collision Prevention and Reduction
Organised by Newcastle University • Newcastle
This course also investigates what statistical techniques are available to assess the reliability of variations in crash frequencies as real or random changes that affect the reliability of assertions on the effectiveness of casualty reduction interventions. It also looks at the importance of monitoring effectiveness and the impact of not having reliable predictive information. The various forms of analysis are examined, together with typical treatments for particular issues. More

28 February 2019

28 February – 1 March 2019
Road Safety Audits
Organised by Newcastle University • Newcastle
This course is based around the requirements and procedures associated with UK DMRB standard HD 19/03 and the changing requirements for auditor certification requirements included in Directive 2008/96/EU and the UK response. The implications of these additional requirements are discussed, together with the detailed processes involved in undertaking any stage of audit to the requirements of the UK standard, and its application in other countries. More