Road Safety GB comment on Arility

09.08 | 18 July 2019 |

Road Safety GB has developed a ‘world-first’ augmented reality teaching resource, which will be evaluated over the next two years thanks to funding provided by the DfT.

The app, ‘Arility’, uses augmented reality – where virtual objects are layered over real world settings – to deliver engaging travel and road safety information to primary school aged children.

With 360 degree visuals and entertaining sound effects, children interact directly with augmented reality characters to identify risks and learn to make safe choices.

The resource will test children on a range of common scenarios, including how to use a pedestrian crossing, retrieving a ball from the road and how to cross the road with a bike.

Alan Kennedy, executive director of Road Safety GB, said: “The resource will be made available to every primary and junior school in the UK and therefore millions of children will have the opportunity to be involved in this new learning experience.

“Road safety teams across the UK will present Arility to children in their local schools, opening up many future opportunities to work with teachers and pupils, and enhancing child road safety across the UK.”



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