Road Safety GB statement on assessing fitness to drive

11.04 | 28 May 2020 |

In response to recent media coverage, Road Safety GB has issued the following statement.

“Whilst Road Safety GB does not seek to make a political view, it is important that the road safety issues are raised.

“Everyone who uses the road in any capacity has a direct responsibility to act in a safe and responsible manner at all times, despite any other conflicting issues in that person’s life.

“Each of us must ensure that we are safe to drive, both medically and psychologically, by seeking the advice of an appropriate professional care provider.

“In terms of meeting the legal eyesight requirements to be fit to drive, drivers must not self assess as this is not a recognised or legal method and could have extreme consequences for the driver or other vulnerable road users. They should seek advice from a qualified optometrist.

“Safety on our roads is a very serious matter and one that should not be taken lightly or to be used as a platform for humour. We need to stay focussed on the real issues and take extra care.”



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