94% of motorists break motorway speed limit: Autocar

11.04 | 4 October 2011 |

94% of motorists have admitted to breaking the speed limit on the motorway, according to a survey carried out by Autocar.

3.5% of respondents to the survey never speed, 1.9% don’t know if they speed and 6.1% always drive at 90mph on motorways.

Jim Holder, Autocar editor, said: “With such a high proportion of motorists breaking the speed limit, it seems that David Cameron looking at raising the motorway speed limit will be popular with the motorist.

“41.5% of the Autocar survey respondents would like to see a higher speed limit. However, if David Cameron wants a real vote winner he’d be better off putting something back in motorists’ hard hit pockets by cutting fuel duty.”

The survey also found that 59% of motorists would not be backing any initiatives to introduce any increase in speeding penalties and 81% do not believe that raising the speed limit would damage the Government’s environmental credentials.

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