An educational game with a difference

15.20 | 2 June 2010 |

Blackpool’s road safety team has pioneered a concept for young drivers comprising an arcade style game backed by a software package to record performance.

Kelly Gilmore, Blackpool RSO, said: “We were able to collect and evaluate information including road safety and driving knowledge prior to and post the programme; attitudes and perceptions to driving and road safety situations; and areas where more input was required.

“Having the ability to evaluate and measure performance individually and as a collective group was extremely useful.”

The game was developed by who say that feedback from participants has been ‘very positive’. Chris Hillman said: “Everyone who played said they felt it was interactive and educational, and enjoyed the format over just answering questions.”

The package is available for other road safety teams to purchase for a one off annual fee for unlimited use. The game is template based and the content and the evaluation tracking can be modified to suit the user’s requirements.

Contact Chris Hillman for more information on 01539 824339.


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