Bad drivers ‘could put 999 patients lives at risk’: BBC 5 Live

12.00 | 3 June 2014 | | 3 comments

The College of Paramedics told BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast that patients’ lives could be put at risk because of bad driving.

The college is blaming mobile phone use, blaring music and a general lack of awareness for the “growing number of problems emergency service staff say they face on the UK’s roads”.

According to the college, ambulance staff say despite the sirens and flashing lights, many drivers just don’t get out of the way.

Click here to hear a clip from the programme on BBC Radio 5 Live In Short.


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    I must admit that I have not seen any obstruction of emergency vehicles in my area. Perhaps some emergency drivers may be frustrated by the apparent lack of attention that that some other drivers show, or are they just trying too hard to get to an emergency?

    Bob Craven lancs
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    There are many instances where it is not safe, legal or appropriate to ‘get out of the way’ – and the public should always be aware of safety and follow the rules rather than be made to panic for fear of being judged a ‘bad driver’. See the blue light aware video.

    Marge, Sussex
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    Using the phrase “..many drivers just don’t get out of the way” doesn’t help. Sometimes it’s just not possible to “get out of the way”. The sight or sound of any emergency vehicle approaching in the vicinity can cause a feeling of panic and intimidation in some road users which can cause them to do the wrong think in a desperate attempt to co-operate and to be seen to be co-operating.

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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