Bike Week 2009 targets commuters

09.34 | 12 June 2009 |

Bike Week 2009 (13-21 June) is urging commuters to hop on their bikes to reduce stress by cutting down their journey time.

Bike Week encourages everyone to make the shift from four wheels to two by coming along to one of the thousands of events and signing up for a cycle training lesson.

Andrew Adonis, the new transport secretary, said: “Events like Bike Week are a great way of reminding people that cycling can keep you healthy, save money and help reduce congestion, as well as often being the quickest way to get around.

“If more people were to travel short distances by bike instead of car, the quality of life across our communities could be considerably enhanced.”

Phillip Darnton, chairman of Cycling England, says: “During rush-hour a bicycle is faster than a car – so by getting on our bikes we could cut our commutes and get the equivalent of an extra two days off a year to spend with family and friends.”

 To find out what’s taking place around the country go to:


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