Brake and TailGuardian team up

10.13 | 16 October 2009 |

Brake has teamed up with TailGuardian to try to reduce the number of crashes caused by ‘tailgating’. 

TailGuardian estimates that in Europe every year there are almost 3,000 fatalities and 100,000 injuries directly attributed to drivers following the vehicle in front too closely.

The TailGuardian system, which can cost as little as £20 per vehicle, is an adhesive sign. TailGuardian will be donating a percentage of its sales revenue to support Brake’s work with people bereaved or seriously injured in road crashes.  

Katie Shephard, Brake’s fundraising manager, says: “A shocking number of crashes are caused because people are unaware of stopping distances in their vehicles. This is why Brake welcomes the introduction of TailGuardian." 

Further information about TailGuardian can be found at:


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