Brake urges drivers to ‘keep their heads’

13.47 | 25 August 2011 | | 1 comment

71% of drivers have lost control at the wheel in the past year because of stress caused by inconsiderate road users, worries at work or tension at home, according to a survey carried out by Brake – the road safety charity.

The survey of 841 drivers also revealed that 42% have lost concentration because of distractions from other people in their vehicle. In response to the figures, the charity is urging drivers to ‘keep their heads’.

Ellen Booth, Brake senior campaigns officer, said: “All too often these casualties result from careless errors that could easily be avoided if drivers gave their full attention to the road.

“People live busy, complicated lives so it’s easy to understand why people get distracted. But driving is a massive responsibility because of the harm you can cause, so when you’re behind the wheel you must put safety first and stay focused. If you are so upset or angry that you can’t give driving your full attention, you need to pull over and cool off.”

For more information contact Ellen Booth on 01484 550067.


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    Many is the time recently that I have not ridden on my motorcycle because, for whatever I didn’t feel up to it either physically or mentally and that if I were to take the bike out I could not give riding my utmost concentration.

    One needs a greater degree of commitment to the road when on a bike and to take account of some circumstances one would not consider when driving a car.

    Even with the feelings that I have had I rarely do not drive the car. Such driving would generally be local to fulfil shopping or other duties. However even then there are some days when I do not venture out onto the road.

    I am however fortunate in that being retired if I don’t go out for a ride or drive I can do it later. Most can’t.

    I must also confess that when I see a person on the phone or just texting or doing other things beside driving carefully I do sometimes feel the need to express my disgust.

    Getting to be a grumpy old man.

    Bob Craven
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