Breaks from driving increase crash rates

10.02 | 16 October 2009 |

Nearly 100,000 crashes were caused last year by drivers taking to the wheel after a long break from driving, according to new research by Lloyds TSB Insurance. 

In the she survey, safety experts examined the roadworthiness of licensed motorists who had not driven for six months or more. Participants were put through a series of tests to measure vehicle control, reaction times and observation.

On average, these motorists made four times as many serious safety errors as regular drivers, increasing their crash risk by a quarter.

Lloyds TSB estimates that 98,000 accidents last year can be directly attributed to lack of driving practice, causing more than £200m worth of damage.

Karen McCarthy of Lloyds TSB Insurance, said: “There is no substitute for practice and anyone thinking of getting behind the wheel after a long break needs to think really carefully about the risks. A simple refresher lesson or practice in a low traffic area can make a huge difference to confidence and road awareness.”

Click here to read the full Lloyds TSB news release.


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