‘Britain’s Biggest Bike Fix’ draws to an end

14.49 | 16 June 2011 |

Team Green Britain Bike Week (15 – 18 June) – the UK’s biggest mass participation cycling event – carried out many ‘bike fixes’ as part of an ambitious attempt to mend more than 10,000 bikes.

Spike Taylor, former Team GB chief mechanic, kicked off ‘Britain’s Biggest Bike Fix’ with Dawn Porter, TV presenter, Ed Clancy and Chris Boardman, Olympic gold medal winning cyclists, and a number of MPs, at the annual All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group bike ride.

Various events took place across the country to encourage people to dig out their broken or unused bikes and get them back on the road.

Phillip Darnton, chairman of the Bicycle Association, said: “We know that 77% of people in the UK own a bike, but only 14% use them regularly and a major barrier to people getting back on two wheels is often something as simple to fix as a dodgy brake or puncture.

“We want anyone with a bike, who wants to get it roadworthy, to help make Team Green Britain Bike Week become ‘Britain’s Biggest Bike Fix’.”

For more information contact Laura Buller on 0207 403 2230.


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