BUSK launches coach and minibus safety rating system

12.00 | 11 February 2013 |

BUSK, which campaigns for safe school transport, has launched (11 February) a safety star rating system for the coach and minibus industry.

BUSK says that ‘Benchmark’ already has more than 50 companies on board and that more are ready to join.

Pat Harris, director of BUSK, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, said: “It’s about time parents stood up and insisted their child’s school hired on safety criteria and not just cost, and be prepared to pay an extra £1 for the trip.

“A Benchmark company has been checked out by BUSK before they are accepted onto the scheme, and they will be policed by us for as long as they remain members. This gives parents confidence that their child is guaranteed to be in safe hands when travelling with a Benchmarked company. Benchmark star rating is nothing to do with luxury and absolutely everything to do with safety.”

Last year BUSK launched ‘Simply Safe’ with the aim of changing the culture of how schools hired transport for school trips. Using this free tool, teachers and school secretaries can access free legal advice on how to fulfil their legal obligations in terms of providing pupils with a ‘safe journey’.

BUSK says that around 100 coach operators have signed up to Simply Safe, and around half of those have also now joined Benchmark.

Pat Harris added: “Only Simply Safe members can apply to for a Benchmark rating because the necessary background checks on each Simply Safe company have evidenced they are compliant with the required legal standards.”

For more information contact Pat Harris on 01633 274944.


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