Campaign helps protect SCPs from abuse

08.48 | 26 April 2010 |

Following an increase in the number of drivers failing to stop, a campaign is being launched to help protect Carmarthenshire’s school crossing patrols (SCPs).

‘Stop Means Stop’ highlights to drivers the importance of stopping when they see the lollipop sign brandished by patrols outside schools. The campaign also reminds drivers of the legal and personal consequences of failing to stop for SCPs.

The campaign, which will break next month, will include radio advertising, school banners, posters and leaflets.

Keith Griffiths, road safety manager, said: “SCPs should be able to do their job without fear of intimidation and threatening behaviour from inconsiderate motorists.

“The SCP team play a very important role in keeping our community a safe and friendly place. All road users must stop when a school crossing patrol officer asks them to do so.”

SCPs were established in the UK in 1954. The famous ‘lollipop stick’ was designed so that details of a vehicle which failed to stop could be chalked on the black panel on the stick head. These details were then forwarded to the local police.

Today, SCPs are issued with a notebook to record detailed information about any motorist that fails to stop or continues to drive by.

For further information about the campaign contact Ron Cant on 01267 224923.


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