Campaign highlights benefits of rear facing child car seats

15.23 | 19 July 2011 | | 4 comments

A Facebook-led campaign, seeking to highlight how extended rear facing child restraints are the safest way for a child to travel, has been launched by a member of the public.

The Facebook page, ‘Rear Facing – the way forward’, currently has 270 ‘likes’ and has been set up to raise awareness of the safety benefits of rear facing child car seats.

Linsey Myers, creator of the Facebook page, says: “The British Medical Journal, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and Volvo have done research and agree that rear facing, up to a minimum of age four, is safer – yet in the UK there is not enough information on the subject available.”

In addition to the Facebook page Linsey has contacted major retailers, her local paper and her local MP. The MP asked Lindsey to put together information and a petition to take to the House of Commons.

Linsey added: “Our local Sure Start Children’s Centre has got involved with this campaign too, by including more information about rear facing seats during Child Safety Week.”

Click here to visit the Facebook page, or for more information contact Linsey Myers.


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    This all seems fine and a good use of social media. One question: what does ‘up to a minimum of age 4’ mean exactly?

    Mike Mounfield, Birmingham
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    I am so pleased we found out about rear facing being so much safer before buying our son’s new car seat! I too am a member of this facebook page, however, facebook has dozens of pages that support rear facing, providing seat reviews, pictures, medical journal articles etc to provide the best, up to date support for car seat safety, all with hundreds of members! Rear facing should be the norm, not the exception! With more information, parents can make better informed decisions for the safety of their children.

    Fleur L, Hampshire.
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    I am SO pleased this is getting out more. I too am one of the many likers of the aforementioned FB page, and I am 100% behind the wonderful work the admin has done. Everyone needs to be aware of the life saving benefits of extended rear facing, and it is atrocious how many people aren’t aware of it.

    I have a 2.5yo daughter, and she will be rear facing until she is 4 at the very least.

    Sammy, Sussex.
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    This is great news. I am one of the 270 ‘Likers’ and am trying to spread the word amongst my ‘Mummy friends’.

    I personally only found Rear Facing by accident, stumbling upon it on a search for something else. This makes me wonder why there is no more information. Well, this Facebook page as well as several others are here to change that and hopefully we can get people to think.

    Dani S.

    Dani S. in Tonbridge
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