Chairman outlines achievements to date and opportunities ahead

10.32 | 12 May 2010 |

In his latest update to members, Alan Kennedy, Road Safety GB chair, reflects on the 12 months since the rebrand and looks at the challenges and opportunities ahead.

He describes the decision to rename the organisation Road Safety GB as “the best policy decision we have ever made”, adding: “Everywhere, I get positive comments about Road Safety GB and how it is progressing, not only from RSOs but also from government agencies and the private sector.” 

He explains how Road Safety GB is building relationships and strengthening existing partnerships with organisations including the Highways Agency, the Driving Standards Agency, the Road Safety Partnerships and Road Safety Support.

“We have been working hard to form solid intellectual links with potential new partners and secure the funding required to enable us to develop the organisation further,” he says.

“Our most visible partnership to date is with the Highways Agency, whose officers have been extremely positive towards us. The Highways Agency has invested substantial financial resources to help us promote our very successful first national conference in November 2009 and secure our first national road safety campaign, the Good Egg In Car Safety Campaign.”

Looking to the future, he talks of the need to improve internal communication so that all Road Safety GB members feel involved with the process of realising the organisation’s potential. To that end he has a planned programme of visits to attend regional meetings across the country.

He also touches on the economic climate and the impact it may have on road safety. “Our budgets will be scrutinised, as will our staffing levels, so it is vital that we, as a collective, manoeuvre ourselves into a position where we can be much more effective and efficient,” he says. “We must look at the structure, management and reporting processes, and accountability of road safety delivery at national, regional and local level. Above all, we need to ensure we provide ‘Good Value for Money’.”

He also cites the growth of multi-agency involvement in road safety, which has “sometimes generated an air of competition at regional and even local level”.

He says: “Often there appears to be conflict between organisations and individuals who are trying to realise the same goals. It is my strongly held view that such rivalry is detrimental to effective casualty reduction. 

“I am aware of some good examples of partnership working around the country, where different organisations can, and do, work together in a co-ordinated fashion, to achieve a shared strategy. 

“I am also very aware of other examples where a lack of strategy and a well-defined regional structure and management/reporting processes means that organisations, groups, and individuals have difficulty working together; they are unable to reach decisions due to conflicting remits, local internal targets or policies. Ultimately, all too often the result is delays in delivery, reduced effectiveness and inefficiency.”

In his closing remarks, Alan says: "Keep up the good work, and I look forward to meeting with you at regional meetings and our national conference in November."

Click here to read the full chairman’s update.


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