Charity urges drivers to sign up to Valentine’s pledge

11.24 | 10 February 2011 |

200In response to a Brake survey revealing that 89% of women worry about the people they love being killed on the roads, the road safety charity is urging male drivers to make a ‘Pledge2Drive Safely’ this Valentine’s Day.

The survey of 800 drivers, published today (11.02.11), also found that a loved one being killed on the road is one of the biggest fears for 33% of drivers. Women are more likely to worry than men. 13% of women worry about their loved ones dying in a road crash ‘all the time’ compared to 8% of men.

Brake’s seven-step ‘Pledge2Drive Safely’ offers the following advice to stay safe on the road: Sober Up, Wake Up, Buck Up, Check Up, Belt Up, Shut Up, and Slow Down.

Julie Townsend, campaigns director of Brake, says: “There are ways to help protect yourself and your loved ones from road death and injury.

“By making Brake’s pledge to drive safely you are taking vital steps to ensuring you don’t hurt yourself or others. Giving your partner peace of mind that you won’t drive dangerously is a great gift this Valentine’s day.”

For more information contact Ellen Booth from Brake on 01484 550067.


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