Council roads are going to pot: IAM

12.00 | 1 June 2012 | | 2 comments

Citing figures published by the DfT, the IAM has concluded that the condition of roads maintained by local authorities did not improve between 2008 and 2011.

The DfT statistical bulletin ‘Road Conditions in England: 2011’ shows that the councils with the highest percentage of main (principal) roads requiring maintenance are Haringey (20%), Camden (17%), Oldham (14%) and Reading (14%).

The councils with the highest percentage of minor (non-principal) roads requiring maintenance are Newham (20%), North Lincolnshire (18%), and Haringey (18%).

Of the 89 councils that provided data, 38% reported that their minor roads deteriorated in 2010/11, 38% said they had remained the same, and 24% reported improvements.

The figures for main roads in the same period were 40% (deteriorated), 38% (the same) and 21% (improved).

Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research, said: “Under the previous Government councils had targets to improve the condition of their roads. While the old system of road maintenance targets wasn’t perfect, the effect of the coalition scrapping these targets is evident in certain areas.

“Extra central Government money following recent bad winters and the public outcry over the state of the roads has helped to stem the tide, but only when we have a commitment to long term funding can councils really start to address the huge backlog of repairs.

“Poor road conditions damage vehicles, and are especially dangerous to cyclists and motorcyclists who can be easily thrown off course by potholes. They also put all road users at risk, as drivers take evasive action to avoid hitting them.”

For more information contact the IAM on 020 8996 9777.


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    A road sweeper came round our way (Northamptonshire) to ‘clean the roads’ – afterwards the road surface edging to the curb was chewed up by the force of the brushes from the sweeper leaving tarmac rubble and debris across the entire road and holes in the tarmac directly in front of the curb deep enough to lose your foot in!

    I rang and informed South Northants Council that leaving our road in this state was not only a major safety hazard but also a total eyesore…and I was politely told by the ‘administrator’ that someone would inspect the road and ring me back – the rubble, holes and mess is still there one week on and nobody has rung me back?

    I am sorry to say that the standard of roads is now so bad it would take BILLIONS to repair them all! BILLIONS we don’t have – or do we??

    Susan, Northamptonshire
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    That’s just like the IAM telling us something we already know. As I have said before it’s not just the pothole it’s the large amount of debris that comes out of it that can be FATAL to any twv. Like riding on small ball bearings.

    And another thing, it’s about time this organisation approached the government to stop temporary road surfacing where bitumen is laid and then gravel is just thrown over it. It’s never swept or pressed in but relies on traffic to bed it down. This method should be outlawed as it’s extremely dangerous to any twv but obviously not any 4 wheeled vehicles.

    Let’s see them do something useful and complain about that for a change. Come on IAM.

    bob Craven Lancs
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