Country Roads returns in Scotland

12.00 | 13 October 2014 | | 2 comments

A campaign aimed at reducing the number of fatalities on country roads in Scotland is being rerun this month.

Road Safety Scotland’s Country Roads campaign features former Formula 1 racing driver David Coulthard, who demonstrates how even the best drivers in the world adjust their speed to the conditions on country roads.

Initially launched in March 2013, Country Roads proved to be one of Road Safety Scotland’s most successful campaigns. It is being rerun throughout October 2014 across TV, radio and online.

Country roads account for the largest number of collisions on Scotland’s roads and the biggest cause of these collisions is driving too fast for the conditions.

Keith Brown, Scotland’s minister for transport, said: “This campaign encourages motorists to drive at an appropriate speed for the conditions in order to reduce the risks when driving on country roads as there is a higher proportion of fatalities in rural areas.

“We are committed to achieving safer road travel in Scotland for everyone and the number of people killed and injured on Scotland’s roads fell by 10% last year, with casualty numbers in 2013 at the lowest level since records began.

“We know the risks associated with excessive speed which is why Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020 has speed as one of eight national priorities and includes a variety of measures we are taking forward to tackle the problem.”

Chief superintendent Iain Murray of Police Scotland, said: “We are urging drivers to pay careful attention to the road ahead, check their speed regularly and adapt to the changing conditions on country roads.

“Even if people use a rural road regularly, hazards can and will be unpredictable. Driving even slightly too fast to read the road properly can turn avoidable incidents into serious and ultimately fatal crashes.

“By educating drivers of the consequences of ignoring simple safety advice, such as adjusting your speed on country roads, we hope this campaign will contribute to a further reduction in deaths on Scotland’s roads.”


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    Not about a resurgence of interest in John Denver’s music as I first thought, but a very good safe-driving ad based on real-world scenarios. Having a high-profile expert to promote it always helps as well.

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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    I like this one, it’s plain and easy to understand just what’s going on and what’s going wrong. It introduces a number of circumstances that can contribute to an incident that all to often are not recognised. It’s short and sharp and to the point, it doesn’t mess about should be brought out nationally, cinemas and TV ads.

    bob craven Lancs
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