CragRats specialists form new company

14.51 | 2 October 2009 |

In the aftermath of the education and training company CragRats going into receivership, education specialists Mike Ingham and Simon Fallon have joined forces to form a new organisation, Performance in Education.

The pair have pooled their skills in scriptwriting, workshop design, teaching material creation and creative management to offer new works to clients keen to benefit from their experience. Their projects specialise in the PSHE curriculum dealing with topics including road safety. 

Mike Ingham said: “At CragRats we created a staggering reputation, producing work for hundreds of thousand of young people a year. We are keen to ensure the vital work we have done in the past doesn’t go to waste.”

Simon Fallon added: “There is still an enormous demand in education for learning that enables students to make informed choices and learn to manage personal risk.”
For further information contact Mike Ingham or Simon Fallon on 01484 660327.


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