Devon report reviews work-related safety

14.57 | 25 May 2011 |

Devon County Council’s Safe and Sustainable Travel Team has published a report which reviews evidence on road safety initiatives for individuals at work.

The report, ‘A review of the evidence on road safety initiatives for individuals at work: implications for practice’, is the third conducted as part of Devon’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project with the University of Plymouth.

The report examines evidence regarding whether road safety initiatives increase work-related drivers’ safety on the roads, and provides recommendations about how services and products may be developed in order to increase their effectiveness.

Jeremy Phillips, Devon’s road safety operations and partnership programme manager, said: "At-work driver safety is one of our four priority themes and whilst we have nearly 20 years experience working with companies and company drivers it is essential that we review the evidence behind our methods and the support we offer our customers.

“This report – like the two previous reports – will enable us to ensure that we are offering the correct advice, guidance and support and delivering it in the most effective way. It is especially important when working with at-work clients that we enable them to consider the business implications of investing in driver safety. Having a solid evidence base behind our recommendations is central to giving them the confidence to make that investment."

The KTP project is designed to help Devon’s road safety team develop a clear evidence base for its next long term strategy. The next stage of the project will be designing a course on evidence based practice for road safety professionals.

For more information contact Poppy Husband, Devon County Council, on 07837855993, or click here to download the report.


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