Drivers advised to ‘get turned on’

13.58 | 14 October 2010 | | 2 comments

Mayo County Council has launched a new campaign encouraging Irish drivers to turn on their dipped headlights during the day, in a bid to reduce crashes.

The ‘Get turned on’ campaign promotes the use of dipped headlights when driving in daylight hours, which according to Mayo CC could reduce the number of collisions on Irish roads by 20%.

Noel Gibbons, Mayo’s RSO, points to evidence from other countries showing that if drivers use dipped headlights during the day up to 5,000 lives could be saved and 155,000 injuries prevented across the EU each year.

Noel Gibbons said: “Many people feel that using their lights in daytime increases fuel consumption and shortens battery and bulb life. It is true that fuel economy is slightly affected but it has no effect on the battery and a negligible effect on bulb life. However, the benefits far outweigh the small cost.”

For more information contact Noel Gibbons.

Click here to download a European Commission consultation paper, ‘Saving Lives With Daytime Running Lights’.


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    Whenever I want to warn practitioners that today’s well-intended idea becomes tomorrow’s legal requirement, I call on daytime running lights. (DRLs) Spawned in 1977 by Volvo and researched by several academics since, the evidence of the value of DRLs remains inconclusive. Unproven, yet foisted on the public. Now; what would ensure my OBE? I know: I will come up with an idea that RSOs will claim saved hundreds of lives in 20 years time. Hi-viz waistcoats for pedestrians. Compulsory racing leathers for all PTW riders. That’s a good one because it attacks an unpopular minority group. Ridiculous looking safety helmets for cyclists. And how about, compulsory re-testing of drivers over 60 years old. Oh, hang on a minute. I have just realised, I am in all of those four groups. Forget that. How about 20mph speed limits in towns? yes, that should do the trick. But hasn’t Portsmouth City Council done that one? Damn it; cross that one of the list. Pity; because it has already been shown to have no real benefit which means it will almost certainly be rolled out nationwide. An OBE within my grasp if only I had thought of it first.

    Ah well; I didn’t want an OBE anyway.

    Roy Buchanan, Sutton
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    Motorcycles have for some time had their headlights hardwired on in an effort to improve their conspicuity. If all vehicles run with headlights on this will mean a step back for riders as they become lost in a sea of lights. In addition if fuel economy is slightly effected in every car, the multiplication of this effect is surely also counter to reducing carbon emissions…

    Dave, Leeds
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