Drivers demand tougher justice: Brake

12.00 | 21 September 2012 | | 1 comment

The majority of drivers want to see higher fines and tougher enforcement to tackle dangerous driving, according to a survey released yesterday (20 September) by Brake.

The survey also revealed that 78% of respondents were in favour of fines of £200 or more for traffic offences such as speeding, using a mobile phone, or careless driving and 47% said fines for these offences should be £500 or more.

78% of respondents said that drivers who tot up 12 points should not be allowed to escape a ban under an ‘exceptional hardship’ clause. (In October 2011, Brake revealed that more than 10,000 drivers in England and Wales were driving with 12 points or more on their licence.)

Ellen Booth, Brake senior campaigns officer, said: “The Government must listen to the public, who recognise that far tougher penalties are needed to stop risky, selfish behaviour at the wheel and that we need to take dangerous repeat offenders off the roads.

“The Government has proposed increasing fixed penalty fines for driving offences to a paltry £90: we say this is nowhere near enough, and drivers agree. We need far higher fines in line with the fact these offences pose a threat to human life, and all too often lead to tragedy.

“We also need to ensure our penalty points system is working, and drivers who repeatedly flout the law aren’t being allowed to keep their licence. We need a simple, clear message from Government: drivers who risk lives won’t be tolerated and should expect to pay a high price.”

For more information contact Ellen Booth on 01484 550067.


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    I looked on the Brake website and found this:

    But I cannot find the actual report, is there one? I’d like to know how they selected their 1000 motorists and what exactly the questions were. Does anyone know?

    Dave Finney – Slough
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