DriveTech launches Driver’s Mate initiative

09.02 | 2 February 2021 |

DriveTech has devised an ‘innovative new way’ of communicating with professional drivers, a method it hopes will ‘champion and reinforce’ on-road safety practices.

The Driver’s Mate initiative comprises a series of 90-second videos, designed for viewing on mobile devices, which aim to remind drivers of their moral and legal obligations before getting behind the wheel.

Hundreds of ‘engaging’ short stories are available, covering issues such as compliance, driver behaviour and cost savings.

David Wales, one of DriveTech’s product solutions specialists, led the development of the suite of Driver’s Mate videos. The videos are founded on insight from his years of driver training experience, specifically within the commercial and professional vehicle marketplace. 

David was inspired to provide an additional training solution for professional drivers which would offer quick ‘nudges’ to promote best practice that would work around their busy daily lives.

Leo Taylor, head of product solutions at DriveTech, said: “After spending time evaluating training programmes with our customers, it became clear that there is a role for us to support businesses in communicating safety practices on a more ongoing ‘little and often’ basis. 

“We know that reinforcing and reminding of policies and procedures works but this needs to be in an engaging and manageable way for the business and drivers. 

“This led us to create ‘Driver’s Mate’, which is an informal, effective way of keeping fleets up-to-date with their training in just 90-seconds.

“With DriveTech’s depth of driver risk and driver training experience, we have developed hundreds of episodes, meaning that drivers could be prompted with nudge reminders almost daily.”



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