DriveTech to deliver young driver education in South Yorkshire

08.12 | 14 July 2020 |

The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership has announced DriveTech as its new partner to deliver young driver safety programmes in the region.

As part of the 12 month contract, DriveTech will deliver a range of initiatives designed to proactively support young drivers, improve their road safety awareness and help them to avoid committing any driving offences.

More specifically, the programme aims to:

  • Increase knowledge on, and experience of, different road types and situations
  • Identify and increase competency in areas where the driver may have specific concern or observed difficulties, such as on rural roads or motorway driving
  • Increase safer intentions and thought-processes while driving
  • Highlight typical distractions and impulsive behaviour – and how to minimise these 
  • Increase knowledge and intentions to self-monitor and self-regulate

Charlie Norman, MD at DriveTech, said: “Our relationship with many UK police forces is around the delivery of police-referred driver offender training courses.

“This win is very satisfying as we will get the opportunity to proactively support young drivers, improve their road safety awareness and help them to avoid any driver safety issues or committing any driving offences.”

The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership says young driver safety is a ‘top priority’.

Joanne Wehrle, manager for the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, said: “We are delighted to be working with DriveTech on this new project to improve the safety of young novice drivers. 

“The safety of our young people is a top priority, as this age group is over-represented in our casualty statistics. 

“DriveTech offers us the benefit of their wealth of experience in delivering interventions to improve driver safety. We look forward to working with them to specifically address the young driver audience and develop a project which gives young people the practical driving skills they require to be safer drivers.”



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