Driving style changes as fuel prices rise

13.26 | 1 July 2011 |

80% of drivers have changed their driving behaviour to save fuel, according to the IAM’s latest opinion poll.

Of the 2,500 people questioned, half said they had changed to a more eco-friendly driving style; 38% claim to make fewer journeys; 35% said they walk shorter journeys they previously would have driven; 21% use public transport more; 19% cycle shorter journeys they previously would have driven; and 18% have bought a more fuel-efficient car.

Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research, said: “The days of cruising the motorway at eighty, regardless of the cost, are over. With rocketing fuel prices it is clear that drivers are changing their behaviour, which is good for their health and the environment. You don’t need a new car to become a greener driver. You just need to change your driving style.

“For millions of motorists driving is a necessity, not a luxury. Rural drivers especially need their cars for work, socialising and family life. If drivers can reduce their car usage that’s great, but for those who can’t, driving as economically as possible is the answer.”

For more information contact the IAM Press Office on 020 8996 9777.


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