DSA ceases using pre-published questions

11.15 | 24 January 2012 |

The Driving Standard Agency (DSA) has ceased the practice of using pre-published questions in the driving theory test, in a bid to stop candidates learning answers by rote.

Until 23 January all the questions used in the driving theory test have been published. This change is designed to ensure that learner drivers and riders gain a better understanding of driving theory, because they can no longer rely on simply learning which options are correct for individual questions.

Mike Penning, road safety minister, said: “By bringing a stop to publication of theory test questions we aim to encourage candidates to prepare by learning each topic area thoroughly rather than just memorising the questions and answers.

“The intention is to improve candidates’ knowledge and understanding of driving theory, so that they are more able to retain and apply it when they are on the road.”

The DSA’s theory test books and software still offer revision questions for candidates to test themselves and assess their progress but now also have exercises so learners can apply their knowledge on each topic to case studies. There are also new revision sections for motorcyclists and a free e-book for car drivers.

The DSA has also launched its first iPhone apps for theory test revision.

Click here to see the DSA’s range of revision guides, which are published by TSO.


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