DSA releases new software for motorcyclists and ADIs

12.00 | 10 June 2013 |

The DSA has recently launched new theory test software for motorcyclists and approved driving instructors (ADIs).

The 2013 edition of The Official DSA Theory Test for Motorcyclists DVD-ROM is designed to make passing the test simpler.

The DVD encourages candidates to follow a three-step learning process: study, practise, and test. The learning experience is multi-dimensional, with links to online videos and interactive activities, and a voiceover option to help those who learn best by listening.

Feedback is also provided on which topics need more revision to bring the learner up to test standard and make them safe on the road. Once the learner is confident on each topic, they can take mock tests.

The ADI theory test is a key stage for any individual training to become a fully qualified instructor. Released in May 2013, The Official Theory Test for Approved Driving Instructors DVD-ROM allows candidates to prepare and practice for their test by answering questions based on the theory test topics. The DVD also provides help with planning a career as an ADI, including how to qualify and prepare for the role.

Mark Magee, ADI Registrar, said: “This DVD-ROM for trainee ADIs has been developed with the profession very much in mind. We know how challenging the qualification process can be, so we listened to the industry and have tried to make this product as helpful and accessible as possible.

“The DVD’s main purpose is to help trainee ADIs to learn and understand the theory behind driving instruction to help them pass part 1 of the qualification process and also to give them a solid foundation for providing instruction.”

Click here for more information about both of these products.


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