DSA tightens up accompanying driver rules

11.07 | 23 July 2009 |

As announced in 2008, DSA is to clarify the rules covering people who may supervise persons learning to drive small lorries and minibuses on a pre-1997 category B licence with implied rights.

The clarification relates to C1 (medium size lorry), C1+E (trailers), D1 (minibus) and D1+E (trailers) category vehicles.

Presently, accompanying drivers do not need experience of driving these vehicles, but from April 2010 the DSA will make it a requirement that the accompanying driver must hold the same licence as the person they are training.

The changes will not affect a person’s entitlement to drive these vehicles but they will prevent anyone from acting as a supervising driver if they only hold pre-1997 licence category B. 

People in the driver training industry who currently rely on implied rights entitlements will need to pass the relevant driving test(s) and meet the higher medical standards required by drivers of larger vehicles before 6 April 2010.

If they pass the relevant driving test(s) and meet the appropriate medical standards required of drivers holding unrestricted licences for C1 and D1 vehicles before that date, they will be given credit for the time they have held their implied rights. This will enable them to meet the supervising driver rules and continue to provide training.

If they do not obtain a full licence until after April 2010 they will have to wait until they have held their new entitlement for the requisite period, normally three years.
For further clarification or a fuller explanation of the changes contact DSA’s Customer Service Unit on 0300 200 1122 (normal landline rates).


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