E-valu-it wins Prince Michael Award

10.13 | 14 December 2011 |

E-valu-it, the road safety evaluation toolkit developed by RoSPA on behalf of DfT, has won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

E-valu-it was produced to help road safety practitioners evaluate their education, training and publicity (ETP) activities. The project was launched a year ago and produced by a team from RoSPA, the DfT and Dorset and Hounslow councils.

The Prince Michael Awards’ judges were impressed by the interactive tool that helps users define clear aims and objectives for their interventions, and carry out their evaluation.

Kevin Clinton, RoSPA’s head of road safety, said: “We are immensely proud to win this prestigious award for our website and toolkit, which is the first of its kind for road safety ETP.

“This is the third time that RoSPA has won a Prince Michael Award, with our Young Drivers at Work Project being recognised last year and our website to help parents keep their children safe in cars in 2004.

“We hope that more road safety practitioners will continue to register to use E-valu-it and publish their evaluations so that others can learn from them and replicate any appropriate research methods on their own interventions.”

For more information contact Jo Bullock / Charlotte Heston on 0121 248 2134/2045.


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