GEM joins drink-drive limit campaign

00.00 | 30 November 2011 |

GEM Motoring Assist has joined the list of road safety organisations calling on the Government to reduce the current alcohol limit for drivers.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, said: “Last month, PACTS lent its name to a letter issued to The Times, urging the Government to recognise the need for a reduced alcohol limit for motorists. Similarly, we have encouraged our members to write to their local MPs in support of the hugely important campaign.

“From a road safety perspective, we know reducing the limit would significantly decrease the number of fatalities and injuries caused by motorists over the drink drive limit. It is predicted that there would be an annual reduction of between 20 and 188 fatalities, and between 629 and 16,900 non-fatal injuries. This alone is an absolutely crucial target and one that we think the Government should be addressing now.”

With Scotland and Northern Ireland likely to adopt a lower limit soon, the rest of Britain and Malta would be the only two Western European countries to remain with a higher limit.

David Williams concludes: “Together with PACTS, and the help of national publicity, we hope to bring the drink-drive limit to the very top of the political agenda.”

For more information contact Katie Murphy or Kim Lusher on 08453 700 771 / 773.


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