GEM updates mobile phone video to reflect imminent penalty change

12.00 | 16 February 2017 |

GEM Motoring Assist has published an updated version of its mobile phone video to reflect the imminent changes to penalties surrounding the offence.

A new law coming into effect on 1 March means those caught using a mobile phone while driving will be docked six points and receive a £200 fine.

The increase in penalty points would mean an immediate ban for newly-qualified drivers who have a ceiling of six points for the first two years after passing the test.

First published in December 2013 to mark the 10th anniversary of the ban on using a hand-held mobile phone while driving, ‘Kill the conversation’ is designed to educate drivers on the risks, fines and penalties associated with the offence.

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GEM says it is pleased the Government has recognised the severity of this offence, especially as more and more evidence becomes available to link mobile phone use with serious collisions.

Neil Worth, GEM’s road safety officer, said: “There is serious risk in the physical distraction of holding a phone while driving. But there is also the risk of the mental distraction every driver faces when trying to do something else other than drive.

“We all have 100% concentration available at any one time; anyone deliberately allowing some of that concentration to be directed at something other than the driving task is compromising safety.”

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