GEM urges UK to get in line with Europe over drink drive limit

12.00 | 23 November 2012 |

As the Scottish Government makes a move towards lowering the drink drive limit, GEM Motoring Assist is calling for the rest of the UK “to follow suit and stop putting lives at unnecessary risk”.

Should Scotland make the move it will bring them in line with the majority of Europe, leaving the rest of the UK as the only nation, alongside Malta, not to have the lower limit. While Northern Ireland’s ‘Road Safety Strategy to 2020’ includes a commitment to lowering the drink drive limit, England and Wales appear to be lagging behind, says GEM.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM, said: “There is no doubt that lives would be saved, year-on-year, with a lower drink drive limit. Ideally, no one would get behind the wheel after a drop of alcohol, however, any lowering of the limit will help lead to a reduction in those that are inclined to do so.

“As we approach the festive period, it is a really important time to get this message across. The devastation that comes with the loss of a loved one through any collision, let alone a drink driving one, is unimaginable and we believe that with the introduction of a lower drink drive limit a number of these unnecessary deaths will be avoided.

“There is no doubt that the UK should be in union about this, and in line with the rest of Europe, as we show zero tolerance for drink drivers who put lives at risk.”


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