Guide dog owners ‘fearful’ of cyclists

12.00 | 12 September 2014 |

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association says it is getting an increasing number of reports from guide dog owners in London who have been hit by a cyclist, or come close to a collision (BBC News).

Talking to BBC News, Rob Harris from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, said: "We work incredibly hard to get blind or partially sighted people out of their homes and mobile, so to hear that vision impaired people are anxious and in some cases fearful about going out in London because of irresponsible cyclists is very worrying."

In response, Charlie Lloyd, from the London Cycling Campaign, said: "Any crash or a close pass which frightens or intimidates a pedestrian is unacceptable. Far worse when that person is blind, partially sighted or in any way less able than we are."

Guide Dogs for the Blind is asking riders to use a bell or call out to guide dog owners waiting to cross the road, and is reminding cyclists not to ride up behind a guide dog to avoid startling the dog or owner.


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