Hi-vis gear for the ‘man on the street’

09.44 | 15 June 2011 | | 4 comments

The work-wear supplier, Brookes UK, has launched a range of hi-vis clothing for the ‘average man on the street’.

The company is now offering hi-vis baseball caps, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets and polo shirts as well as traditional tabards and vests.

Simon Walsh, marketing executive at Brookes, says: “High visibility clothing has long been established as essential work-wear for those by the roadside, and now it has moved more into everyday life with joggers, cyclists and young children taking advantage of its retro-reflective qualities.

“These qualities, when combined with retro-reflective technology, make the wearer much more likely to be seen by a motorist, as performance data has shown.

“Many people stigmatise high visibility clothing with being just for workers, and not cool enough for the average man on the street. However work-wear manufacturers are working on innovative new ranges all the time which the consumer may not be aware of.”

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    As a company we have manufactured High Viz/Reflective products in the UK for 30 years. In the early days, it was very difficult to get anyone to wear bright coloured clothing especially children. A great deal of hard work has been done over the years, educating people in all walks of life about the benefits of high viz and reflective products. While I am all for safety, we are reaching saturation point with these imported products which all look the same and are nothing new! I feel this idea will distract attention from the real area’s where safety is the major concern.

    Mike Hancox MD, Colan Ltd
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    The use of Hi Viz needs some common sense application. If everyone wears it all the time it stops standing out. If it’s only used in low light, bad weather or where strictly required then it can make a difference. But the main issue is ensuring road users are actually using proper observation and looking where they’re going. If a driver is playing with the satnav, radio, mobile phone or talking to the kids in the back they’re not going to see someone in the road in front of them whatever they’re wearing.

    Dave, Leeds
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    Must get one for Jeremy Clarkson! If everyone wore hi-vis gear would motorists notice any difference or react differently? Yes, agree it’s a good idea for where it is most needed, but not for everyone.

    Robert Smith
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    I had a Cap with a Hi-vis strip along the front, and wore it while camping, all the photos (that used flash) taken of me, reflected off that strip, and blocked out my face!

    Good idea though for road workers.

    Adam, Hants
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