Homeowner builds fake speed camera in front garden

10.18 | 16 October 2009 |

It was bad enough for Tony Allen to see motorists constantly speeding through his village at way above the 30mph limit.

But when an uninsured driver ploughed into his garden wall causing £3,500 of damage, he decided that was the last straw.

The 60-year-old builder constructed his own mock speed camera from a wooden box painted yellow, complete with a silver foil flash and lens, and installed it in his front garden.

Since then traffic has moved significantly more slowly through Moulton Seas End, near Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

But police have warned Mr Allen that he could face legal action if a motorist should crash and claim that the fake camera was a distraction.

Mr Allen, a father of two, said he was undeterred by the threat, saying: “It’s far more important to have people slow down and drive responsibly.

“The camera is obviously working so I’m not going to remove it. Once people have been past a few times they realise it’s fake, but if it slows even one person down I’m happy.”

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