Horse riders strip for safety campaign

12.00 | 24 August 2015 | | 3 comments

A campaign featuring scantily clad horse riders alongside the message ‘slow down for my horse’ has attracted more than 33,000 likes on Facebook.

The campaign was started by Lauren de Gruchy from Jersey, in a bid to slow down drivers passing her and her horse, Starlight, while riding on country lanes.

The 19-year-old says she started the campaign to encourage motorists to be vigilant when they approach horse riders on the road.

Lauren de Gruchy told the Jersey Evening Post: “It’s all about trying to get drivers to slow down when they pass people on horses. If they saw a naked rider I bet they would slow down, so why not do that do it anyway?

“I got inspired to start this when I saw a photo of a woman walking naked next to a horse and I thought that would slow down drivers and then I made a picture of myself and went from there. It has got to the stage now where people are challenging their friends to post pictures.”

Since it was launched about a week ago, many other male and female horse riders have joined the campaign and uploaded to the Facebook page photos of themselves either naked or in their underwear. Riders from other countries including France and America have also shared their images.


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    It worked for Lady Godiva, even without photos and the internet.

    Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield
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    Bob. Just provide us with the picture.

    Nigel Albright
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    If I stripped naked and rode round on my motorcycle I think that I would be arrested…..for gross indecency…. or maybe not…. maybe insufficient evidence….. For your eyes only.

    Bob Craven. Lancs…Space is Safe Campaigner
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