i-Size resources explain new European car seat standards

12.00 | 19 June 2013 |

A series of resources are being produced to explain new European-wide child car seat safety standards being introduced on 9 July.

The resources which explain the new i-Size standard are being produced by Stennik in consultation with Child Seat Safety.

From 9 July 2013 the first phase of i-Size is being introduced in Europe to run alongside the existing R44.04, and will eventually replace it.

i-Size seats keep the child rearward facing for longer – until the child is at least 15 months old. This offers greater protection for the child’s head, neck and vital organs.

i-Size is based on the child’s height, rather than their weight, which makes it easier for adults to know they are using the correct seat for the child they are carrying.

i-Size seats will fit into ISOFix points which will reduce the chance of incorrect fitting in the vehicle. In the future, i-Size car seats will fit all ‘i-Size ready’ vehicles.

Julie Dagnall, Road Safety GB in-car safety specialist and co-director of Child Seat Safety, said: “Imagine a world, where every car seat fits every car and every child sits safely every journey…that’s i-Size”. 

David Frost, from Stennik, said: “It’s important that road safety teams and the public understand the changes, why they are being introduced and what people should do.

“Our i-Size campaign comprises a succinct leaflet and poster to promote awareness of the changes, and a website (currently under development) that will provide more information and address concerns and questions that parents, grandparents, carers and others responsible for carrying children in vehicles might have.”

Details of the i-Size awareness resources, and cost of purchase, will be circulated to road safety teams on Monday 1 July.

For more information or to register interest contact David Frost or Sally Bartrum at Stennik on 01379 650112.


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